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Friday, March 25, 2011

So long, farewell, chao

With packed bags we sit and wait at our hostel before travelling to the airport to board our 2.30 am flight to Auckland. This is our last blog post and at this point we would like to thank everyone who has made this trip possible for us:
Emily and Victoria in London. Emma and Raffi in Switzerland. Chris and Mel in Toronto. David and Courtney in Dallas. Hayden and Alicia in West Yellowstone. Steve and Lyndalla in Idaho. Teri and Jo in Susanville. Richard and Chris in San Francisco. Laura and Bob in Santa Barbara. Al in Telluride. Steve and Tara in Albuquerque.
And also to of our followers! As mentioned we truly have appreciated all your feedback and comments on the blog. We hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as we have enjoyed creating it.
But for now the adventures end, and it is time for real life back at home in NZ. If anything this trip has allowed us to fully appreciate our home country for what it is and for what it has to offer. We will miss the frequent question of ‘where are you from?’ and being proud to boast ‘New Zealand’. Generally people either exclaim that they love it and have visited several times or that they some day dream of visiting. I am not sure that any other country in the world would get that sort of reaction so frequently! So that’s pretty cool.
We also hope that this has inspired some to travel. Obviously we are very fortunate to have had such an experience, but if there is a chance to indulge in travel that pushes you beyond your boundaries and introduces you to other cultures – we cannot recommend it more highly. People often ask what is our highlight of the trip, this is difficult to pinpoint as we have had such a variety of rich experiences over a long period of time. But one would certainly be the fact that every single day for the last ten months we have been pushed beyond our comfort zone and from this we believe our minds have been opened and that we have grown exponentially. Our adventure has certainly been an education and an investment that we will carry for life. We are so grateful.
But on that note we are also very ready for home; ready for not living out of a pack, to not have to line up for the shower, to not have to label your own food and still find that it’s been stolen and most importantly of all to sleep in our own bed!
Hope to see you all soon!
Hasta luego,
Cam and Cat

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