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Friday, October 22, 2010

Texas (October 15 - October 20)

One stunning sunrise, 4 coffees, and 11.5 hours later we arrived into Dallas Texas, returning to where our road trip began. We were not only very excited to see David, Courtney and Daisy but we were also excited to have some familiarity - we pulled into a place we recognise for the first time during our entire trip.

A 640 mile (1,000 km) drive made us feel rather weary so we headed to the pub for some delicious Texan food and to catch up on the past two months.
The next day Cam and I returned to Fort Worth to check it out by day as our previous visit for the rodeo was at night time. We spent the afternoon trawling through the many cowboy shops including those converted from the old stockyards. We enjoyed the longhorn muster down the main street - the horns on these cattle beasts are up to 6 feet long. Owned by the city these animals are donated by local ranches and when retired back to the land once their ‘town days’ are over a formal agreement is made that they cannot be disposed of and must live out their lives on the ranch - pretty sweet deal. We then headed to Joe T Garcias for dinner where we had eaten on our last visit. You just cannot beat the Mexican food - such spicy cheesy goodness although over the past week we have eaten it for almost every meal. We are trying to make the most before we leave the country, well that is our excuse anyway.

We spent the remainder of our week trying to reduce our car load of accumulated stuff back into two 20 kg back packs. A very difficult mission as it appears we have gathered a lot from our time on the road. Sending a large and rather expensive package home to New Zealand we somehow managed to fit everything else in.
On our last day in Dallas David took us for a ride in the helicopter in which he instructs his students. With all three of us tightly packed in we took a 20 minute flight around Denton to check out the view over the gigantic Texas Motor Speedway and a bird’s eye view of suburbia. This was a very fun experience indeed and it was great to check out what David does every day as a job!

As mentioned earlier David and Courtney have truly been awesome to us for our entire US trip. We borrowed loads of their warm gear while away and it would not have been possible to purchase the car without David’s assistance. So thanks guys, honestly you really made it for us!
The car still remains in Texas with David and will hopefully sell sometime soon. We are confident that someone out there is just waiting to purchase the ultimate vehicle...she runs like a dream (want to upgrade your vet truck Mojo?).
With backpacks strapped to our backs and Spanish books in hand we head to DFW Airport to begin our rather epic journey to Santiago, Chile.


  1. We miss you guys already! Best of luck in Chile!

  2. Goodbye "USA: The Spagushroom Experience"! I've loved every post, so excited slash proud! Travel safely you guys, and Catherine, I will update you on life this week. Missing you!