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Monday, August 23, 2010

Dallas Weekend (August 21 - August 22)

On Friday night we hit up Forth Worth with Courtney and David, for some rodeo and real-life cowboy action. Yee haw!
Forth Worth located near Dallas, is a city famous for cattle drives which passed through the middle of the city during the 1800s, heading North to the market. With a history of boom and bust, the town eventually grew steadily with the construction of a railway, this promoted a flourishing cattle trade industry. The infamous Forth Worth Stockyards were then created and operated until the 1960s. The stockyards are the last standing in the USA, part are left as they were with the other part turned into shops and restaurants.

We had dinner at Joe T Garcias; a huge restaurant seating 1500 people, and serving only fajitas, enchiladas and margaritas. Our type of place for sure! After downing a huge feast we headed downtown to the rodeo.
Located next to the Stockyards in a large indoor arena, we could smell it from the street. The rodeo is held every Friday and Saturday nights, where competitors come from far and wide to compete and display their talents at the seated arena. Feeling slightly out of place without our Western get-up we were treated to a couple of hours of great entertainment.

We watched calf wrangling, barrel racing, and bull riding. All of which was very impressive; these stockmen and stockwomen of all ages are hugely talented. But perhaps our unexpected highlight was the half time entertainment known as a ‘scramble’ for those under-7 years old. As kids and toddlers ran out into the arena we expected lollies to be thrown by the clowns, instead a large rampaging ram was released and the kids had to ‘scramble’ to catch it. These children had no fear, and provided very hilarious entertainment. Only in Texas.

On Saturday night we headed out to dinner with friends of Courtney and David. Having a break from Mexican, we had a delicious Asian fusion meal. We then headed to the Goo Goo Dolls concert. This was excellent; playing a mixture of their classic hits with some music from their new album due out next month.

Sunday was spent planning and preparing for our trip north toward Yellowstone National Park. We cleaned and prepared the car, now known as Daisy after our wee pet friend.

Courtney cooked us a lovely dinner on Sunday evening. Our last night together until we return to Dallas around mid October. We plan to hit the road well before sun-rise to get some of the boring driving hours behind us and to soon see some of the scenery that we have heard so much about.

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