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Friday, July 23, 2010

France (July 19 - July 21)

After a decent night’s sleep on our first class train journey we arrived into Paris feeling refreshed and ready to crank a full day. And that we did.
Our hotel was located in Montmartre so we tackled the sights of our neighbourhood first up - visiting the beautiful Sacre-Couer and the Place du Tertre where artists gather to produce and sell their works. I played ultimate tourist and had my portrait painted by a lovely French man.

The remainder of the day was spent doing the usual Pairs things. We explored the Lourve for a couple of hours before it closed which was just the right amount of time as we were feeling slightly saturated by art after our recent trip to Rome. Still very enjoyable of course and we were able to view one of the most famous paintings in the history of art, the Mona Lisa.

We enjoyed Nutella crepes on the Champs Elysees and fell asleep, in the most comfy metal chairs, in the lovely Tuileries Gardens. For dinner we discovered an exceptional little Viatnamise restaurant just off the tourist track in the Latin Quarter, called Coin des Gourmet (I would recommend it to anyone visiting the city).

With satisfied tummies and a new found energy we continued to explore Paris by night. We headed across the river to the Notre Dame, and while inspecting this fabulous gothic creation our park bench became front row seats to a spectacular street skating display. Boys on rollerblades were performing 2 metre back flips - great entertainment and for this we were happy to part with some coin. As with most performers you see on the streets throughout Europe – they do it to make some money and some are far better at it than others.

Feeling inspired by the stunning Summer’s evening we headed to the Eiffel Tower on foot. What appeared so close and just around the next corner ended up being a decent one hour walk away. Although our feet were a little sore, the reward of Mr Effiel’s creation by night was well worth it.

After an epic first day, day two in Paris demanded a far slower pace. We returned to the Tower and made our way to the top, opting to climb the stairs to the 2nd floor which significantly reduced our waiting time. The panoramic views of Paris from the third level were just breathtaking.

We loved our whirlwind trip of this unique city. Next we head to Ireland for some good craic.

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